Who We Are

Save Tree Save Life - Who We Are

Mission - To Protect Environment

Save Tree Save Life is non-governmental organization that uses science-based programs to empower consumers, purchasers and companies to create a more sustainable world. Save Tree Save Life was founded because of the need for environmental restoration, stewardship, and protection of neglected public lands. Our organization coordinates volunteer events worldwide that utilize the resources of the community to provide long-term environmental benefits for natural areas. We have established a large and enthusiastic volunteer network that draws upon the diverse strengths of different races and cultures to accomplish our common goal of restoring the beauty of the natural landscape. By working together with our community, the Save Tree Save Life Project educates our youth about the need to protect the integrity of the environment by promoting stewardship of the wild lands and waters that support Earth's biodiversity and ecosystems. Achieve the goals and targets set in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Address the national and pressing problems of preparing the world or challenges of today and of the next century

Vision - To Protect Generation

A Green Economy. One that is as sustainable as possible - renewable, with minimal impact - so that our environment, all forms of life, and our natural resources are protected, and our social needs and values are honored. Save Tree Save Life main phase is to improve the conservation of biodiversity through educational, scientific, management and training programme. To improvise the quality of life of all community through management and conservation of natural resources. To ensure that the natural environment is used wisely and continues to be available for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.


Save Tree Save Life ( A unit of eco world services) Reg. No. IV 29/2014, is a registered NGO founded by Mr. Praveen G Nair. This is his brain child about a decade ago. He grouped a dozen nature loving people and currently his team is working on the mission. Our team had focus on the sustainable development of our environment. Besides Environment, the organization works in the areas of Environmental Education Programs, Forest Development Programs, Legal Awareness & Movements, Protect Water Resources, Pollution Consequences, Eco Friendly Foods, Environmental Soldiers (Volunteers), Nature & Tourism, Tribal Development, Sustainable Agricultural Development, Child Rights, Human Rights, Family Welfare, Women's Development, Sustainable Community Development and Research.

Save Tree Save Life believes that the environment must be saved first to save generation. The health of the generation is determined by the environment. Every generation has got a collective responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for the future generations to come and Save Tree Save Life greatly reckons this as the need of the time.