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Environmental Education Programmes

Environmental Education Programmes

Here we teach how to plant a tree, benefits of tree plantation etc. The programme supports environmental education projects that enhance the public's awareness, knowledge, and skills to make informed environmental decisions and take responsible actions towards the environment. It also focuses on energy conservation, waste reduction, and water conservation.

Forest Development Programme

Forest Development Programmes

Development Programmes of Forests in Five Year Plans As part of the forest development programme ,It is therefore decided to promote forestry so that about 33% of area of our country will be under forestry. To achieve this target a strategy and approach of the 7th five year plan for the development of forests were fixed and following Programmes were initiated.

  • Conservation Forestry
  • Social Forestry
  • Production Forestry
  • Welfare of Tribal and Rural poor
  • Minor Forest Produce
  • Forests Research Education and Training
  • Data base Improvement
  • Wild life
  • People Participation
  • National wasteland development board
  • Indian Council of forestry research & education


Our volunteers educate each and every one around our community by Developing and conducting programmes for creating legal awareness and increasing legal literacy, especially for those who fall under the category of vulnerable section in the society, and among the general public about value of a tree in once life. This will empower them to demand justice, accountability and effective remedies at all levels.

ECO Tourism


Activity includes planting an trees, vegetables etc in an area, collecting forest resources, fruit collection, eco food preparation, nature watching, trekking, wild life photography and wild life camping and their by promoting eco-friendly tourism. Organising programmes in association with other agencies, organisations or community.

Creativity Development Actions

Creativity Development Actions

We invite young and energetic nature lovers as a volunteer or we hire the talented people for bring the creative ideas to promote our development programmes. We allow the research students to join us. Talented people for "bringing in" the creative ideas to promote our development programme.

Research & Development


A team of scientist works as our volunteers to research and study on wildlife, rare plants etc. These staffs educates the value of a tree on a life time class during the campaigns & workshops. These staffs educates the value of atree on a time trained class during the campaign & workshops.

Community Plantation

Community Plantation

Our activity includes plant both sides of road ways with medicinal trees. We group the community leaders to promote fruit bearing trees in every resident, teach gardening techniques etc.

Campus Plantation

Campus Plantation

We planted trees, distributed seeds and set vegetable cultivating farms in colleges and education institutions.