How We Do

STSL - How We Do


You can join our mission and support us by MAKE A DONATION programme.

Your online Donation makes an immediate difference.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help fuel our programs and bring environmental sustainability to our next generation.

"Together we can" create a greenish tomorrow.

You can donate trees of different variety. We guarantee that your trees will be placed in a secure land with your id number. You can either monitor your plant via our online service or visit our property.

Donate Trees

You can donate money. We will buy trees from respective places and plant it properly.

Donate Money To Buy Trees

Those who can donate land to plant our trees are welcomed most.

Donate/lease your property for green plantation.

Donate land to plant our trees


Most generous part is that you can buy a wide variety of trees from our tree bank.

Based on your planting area we will guide you to buy the appropriate plant.

Check out our tree bank for plant availability.

Buy Trees From Us