Grow Organics


We at Save Tree Save Life Organization offer you more reasons to Grow and Go Greener. We understand that staying in metro cities, constraints you from growing vegetables due to lack of open spaces. However we value your zeal. Wouldn’t it be great if you can grow a kitchen garden to enjoy safe, flavourful and nutritious home-grown food and ensure a greener healthier world for yourself and your family? We at Save Tree Save Life Organization , after having developed expertise in growing trees in most arid and hostile terrains, bring to you a unique service offering to make you stay closer to nature. It’s easy, saves lots of water and you get organic vegetables grown at a very less space with better nutritive value.

The concept of kitchen gardening is to ensure that people can produce fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for quick delicious and healthy meals at their own place. Anyone can set up and have a vegetable garden. One may not be able to grow all the vegetables in the world, but can certainly grow their favourites such as Greens, Potatoes, and Herbs and so on. Just imagine, you can cook your favourite dish easily with the freshest ingredients available only a few steps away! Well, the space required is very small as 6 Sq.ft size. That's right! As big as your computer table. Start growing your own vegetables organically at your place to lead a healthy life...